The Chocolatiers Series at Salt & Straw

Embrace the most romantic season with five ice creams that celebrate the most important ingredient of all: Love. We craft each flavor in sweet partnership with the most renowned chocolatiers and bean-to-bar connoisseurs in the country, to bring you almond-studded cocoa confections, chocolate-striped tropical creams, and one-of-a-kind twists on classic candies. Cuddle up, get cozy, and sink into chocolate bliss.

Now Scooping: The Chocolatiers Series at Salt & Straw.

🍨 Fran's Chocolate Almond Gold Bar
🍨 Cloudforest's Cocoa Hazelnut Magic Sauce
🍨 Dandelion's Chocolate Nibs & Frangipane
🍨 Compart√©s' Cake Batter Chocolate Fudge
🍨 Exquisito Chocolate's Passionfruit Truffles (v)

Which will you try first?